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Vic Mensa is no stranger to advocacy. We recently wrote about his show of support for LGBTQI folk, prompted by the Orlando massacre, and his subsequent rally for equality. Now, in a newly released interview with Bootleg Kev for Real 92.3, Vic frankly drops a whole lot of truths for us.

So, first thing’s first, what happened to the highly-awaited album Traffic? “Yeah, I changed it. I made, like, a whole album but then I scrapped it. I started fresh in like, February. And it’s probably like 75% [done].” This new album seems to coincide with Vic’s album-title track ‘There’s Alot Going On’. “It’ very autobiographical, story-line based. A lot of narratives. A lot of story records.”

Was it hard to expose himself musically, concerning his drug use and relationship issues, on the last album? “No, it wasn’t hard… I did a lot of soul searching with the pen. Writing that record was honestly pretty easy for me. It didn’t like take a long time; a couple hours, or so.”

It didn’t take long before Kev mentioned the beef with Chance, but Vic seemed to downplay the rivalry. “It’s all good, it’s all good. We’re good,” Vic assured us before raising his eyebrows the camera. “You know, shit happens, but we’re straight.” Cheeky.

What does he think about Trump? “He’s just the worst. I know a lot of people are disillusioned. I support Hillary Clinton. This is a real election. It’s not a fairytale. That’s a fate I don’t wish upon anyone… to have Donald Trump in control of nuclear codes and with the ability to drop bombs on countries.” In regards to the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton and those notorious emails, he doesn’t care. “Are we gonna keep talking about those emails? It’s petty as fuck.”

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained a lot of attention this year, further being ignited by Bey’s 2016 VMA performance last week against police brutality. Naturally, Vic weighs in on the current state of law enforcement. “I think that we need to put a lot more focus into sensitivity training,” he considers. “I think the training of police needs to be far more extensive. There should be a lot more money put into psychological evaluation.”

When the conversation turns to the lives lost by police, Vic doesn’t hold back. “You can’t tell me that they’re all innocent. Time after time, there’s no convictions… It’s honestly an evolved, in a lot of ways, Ku Klux Klan.”

Whether you agree or not, Vic Mensa knows how to use his platform. Check out the candid interview in the gallery above. While we’re it, lets take a look back at his vids for “No Chill”, “There’s Alot Going On”, and “U Mad” with ‘Ye.

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