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Weekly updates

The tributes flowing for Adam Yauch are a testimony to the man’s impact on generations and cultures, and demonstrative of just how inspirational a person can be. I think for me personally—and I’m sure so many of the 80s gen’ers would agree—the music of MCA and the Beastie Boys provided the soundtrack to that time in our lives when we transitioned from being children to teenagers to young adults…when we stopped being kids, dropped the dolls and trucks, and picked up novels, skateboards, sketchbooks, diaries…when we began to question things, perve on the opposite sex, drink beer or goon or Passion Pop, smoke for the first time, and begin that journey towards adulthood.

The video above, which has already been pulled from youtube a number of times, is one of many tributes to the late artist. We’re expecting to see a whole bunch of these emerging in the coming weeks and months, and rightly so. It’s such a shame copyright laws and red tape prevent the world from seeing the work of an artist who’s had such a big impact on so many lives.