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Visual Feed: Darren Luk transports us to another world with I.E.

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Darren Luk has done it again. Coming thru with more wavy visuals than we know what to do with, his latest lookbook sees rapper I.E. in shots so fire that our site might just crash.

As his first track under a new moniker is feeling the love on Spotify and there’s a promise of more in the works, the way into 2017 is only up for I.E. With a name that draws from the term ‘in other words,’ Luk suitably presents a lookbook that seems to be set ‘in another world.’ As his premier track ‘Put On’ gave a nod to the ’80s cult classic Blade Runner, the set very much emulates the sci-fi feel of the tune and reps a heavy futuristic flare.

Indeed, the feed stands as a testimony to the power of connecting with an artist and the message they wish to convey, rather than just getting done in the hype. It’s clear that Luk isn’t just about trying to get the shot he wants, instead, he makes conscientious decisions with the artist’s objective in mind, and the result speaks for itself.

More evidence to this is that Luk has styled him in the first capsule range, ‘Research,’ from the brand’s new Creative Director, Aitor Throup. With I.E. having only recently pulled a full switch up, the lookbook is just levels on levels of satisfaction in every respect. Have a flick through the shots above and stay woke because this is, after all, only the beginning.

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