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FKA Twigs dropped by the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on Thursday, where she performed what is already being praised as one of the best covers of the year so far: an evocative and mesmerising rendition of Sia’s mega-hit, ‘Elastic Heart’. Stripping the song down to its bare bones, Twigs worked her otherworldly magic and turned the pop banger into a work of delicate, haunting art.

The on-air performance went beyond being merely just a cover, with the multi-talented Twigs shedding her jacket and removing her microphone from the stand midway through to engage in some pretty breathtaking contemporary dance.

A rendition of new single ‘In Time’ was also performed on the program. The tune dropped in August as part of her third EP M3LL155X, which was released in conjunction with a self-directed 16-minute short film.

Twigs is gaining more and more fans everyday with her reputation for being 100% on-point, all the time. But if you needed another reason to love her—this is it. You can watch the performance in the gallery above, but be prepared to get some serious goosebumps.

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