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Watch: Joey Bada$$ 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

Bada$$ starts his day with a nutritional serving of killing a few careers

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Joey Bada$$ stopped by Sway In The Morning for an interview but what transpires is a freestyle marathon. Normally five beats are served up to visiting MCs for the ‘5 Fingers of Death’ segment, but Joey tears through seven of them while joyfully bobbing about the studio and unloading what’s on his mind.

And there’s quite a lot to unpack here. Joey details the frustration of not being covered by major press outlets (we got you covered though), the stresses of independent brand building, and he rounds out his sixth leg by subtly taking aim at Troy Ave with some sneaky and intelligent wordplay, “I destroy average rappers for practise”. Despite his frustrations, he’s in a good place reaffirming that he “could have paid tuition with tax money”.

No human has seven fingers on one hand (that we know of), which is indicative of Joey’s super-human ability to annihilate a freestyle for breakfast. Check it out above.

  • Words: Eli Marsland

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