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One of the greatest elements of J Dilla’s legacy is the J Dilla foundation, a group that helps to fund inner city music programs and promoting progressive music curriculum. Recently they’ve teamed up with clothing brand Akomplice and Joey Bada$$ for a very special project at Joey’s old high school.

I don’t know what your music rooms were like at high school, but at mine, you’d be hard pressed to find an instrument made in the last 30 years let alone something developed by Korg or Vox. At Edward R Murrow High School in NYC, Joey changed up the curriculum with an instrument drop worth something along the lines of $10,000. I really hope none of that goes missing or gets broken (we are talking about high-schoolers here) because that kind of forward thinking arts funding is exactly the sort of thing that could give a hand-up to the next Dilla. I’m guessing first the teachers are going to have to get acquainted with it all first, though.
It’s actually pretty sweet to see Joey reconnecting with teachers and staff who look genuinely happy to see him. Consider this your feel-good hit of the day.

The collab runs deeper than the instrument donation, though. Akomplice is running a Dillacentric apparel line and dropping an unreleased Joey Bada$$ track with all the proceeds going towards youth music programs in Joey’s NYC and Dilla’s Detroit. You can grab more info on the apparel here and listen to the track Two Lips below. The positive community vibes are strong with this one.

Joey Bada$$’ debut studio album B4.Da.$$ is due to drop mid-Jan. Keen as.

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