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The new Kanye West clip for ‘Bound 2’ is the most beautiful thing to come from the Kimye colab. Premiering on the gold standard of talk shows, The Ellen Show, Kanye is obviously making a bold statement about love, lust and the neverending highway of life.

Wild horses, endless vistas, Kim Kardashian’s breasts and unprotected… motorcycle riding. These are the motifs that guide us through Kimye’s unabated passion. And while YouTube commenters have filled their comment boxes with vitriol and hate speech, I for one think we should bask in the glory of Kimye. This is nothing but a celebration of unbridled love given to us through the vision one of the greatest musical geniuses the world has ever known. Can we not respect that? The passion, the sensuality, the overall tastefulness of it. This is more than a music video – this is love by Kimye.

William Miller

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