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Weekly updates

The latest instalment of the world’s most consistently high content value interview/talk-back show has just dropped. Everyone’s favourite flat cap-wearing, painfully condescending human-parasite Nardwuar took time with Nayvadius Cash, aka Future, the prince of Atlanta himself while at SXSW.

The unusually short dialogue twists and turns through the history of Atlanta hip-hop (i.e. Kilo Ali, Hitman Sammy Sam, MC Shy D and The Hard Boys) right through to Atlanta’s best wings and caownnnn bread’ (“Busy Bee’s,” if you’re wondering).

Future fans be warned though…this is probably one of the most boring Nardwuar interviews to date, which explains its premature conclusion.

As one commenter wrote, “If you like Future…it’s only for his rap skills” or as Claresa Everlasting perfectly summarised, “His skin looks perfect. That’s all I got”. Baller!