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Nardwuar is the ultimate litmus test for how chill a musician or celebrity is. His 100MPH style of interrogation combined with the fact he already knows everything about the person he’s questioning can bring out the best and the worst in people. Often, the most interesting thing about his interviews is not his steezy get-up or rare wax but the way he brings out characteristics in his guests that are unseen in their art or other media appearances. He’s one of the few music journalists who enables a deeper understanding of others through his vivacious screen presence rather than detracting from the focus.

Fans of actor/comedian/Yeezus protégé Aziz Ansari probably aren’t surprised to hear that when confronted with the weirdness that is the Nard, he stays friendly and true to form. What ensues is one of those interviews where rather than trailing off into automatic responses or “how do you know about that?” incredulity, Aziz gleefully recounts stories to the Human Serviette and plays along with the iconic “doot doot” freeze frame.

Narduar rarely interviews people who aren’t primarily musicians (check out his failed Steven Colbert interview for a possible explanation why) but it’s pretty interesting looking at how he determines the musical influences of celebrities whose inspirations aren’t as easy to pinpoint. Check it out above.

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