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Watch Nicki Minaj shoot her shot at Michael B. Jordan

On stage at the E! People's Choice Awards, no less.

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Nicki Minaj cleaned up at the E! People’s Choice Awards over the weekend, taking home both Female Artist of 2018 and Album of 2018—as decided by a public vote. In her first acceptance speech of the evening, for Female Artist of 2018, Nicki thanked Donatella Versace, “for custom-making this outfit for me,” before adding “and shout-out to Michael B. Jordan because he’s going to be taking it off of me tonight.” Backstage, she explained that the actor was on her mind ’cause she’d been watching Black Panther the night before.

Later in the evening, accepting the Album of 2018 award for Queen, Nicki thanked “all of the queens around the world that are maybe not at the place they want to be in their lives.” Continuing, “the fact that you are pushing and you are not being lazy and not complaining but going for your dreams every day, shout out to you.” Not quite finished there, Nicki wrapped up her speech with this tribute: “I wanna dedicate this award to Kim Kardashian’s ass in that dress.”

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