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Watch: Puff Daddy feat. French Montana & Zoey Dollaz – ‘Blow a Check’

The Cash King made it burn because making it rain is just too mainstream

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In case you forgot who sits on the Hip-Hop Cash Kings throne, Diddy sets piles of money on fire just to remind you that he has cash to burn. Literally. And a lot of it.

Featuring Zoey Dollaz and French Montana, the clip rolls through several money-fuelled fantasies, from the Bentley convertible, rooms littered with cash, being chased by women, and a Wolf Of Wall Street inspired office set. Except, unlike Jordan Belfort, Diddy probably isn’t looking at the possibility of bankruptcy anytime soon.

When your net worth sits at a humble estimate of $735 million, it’s understandable to dosh out a bit of extra cash to liven up the set. That, at least, explains the massive stack of cash that just casually burns behind the all too coy rapper.

‘Blow a Check’ was the last track on MMM (Money Making Mitch), which Puffy dropped last November. The mixtape is the “prelude” to what the rapper said will be his final album, No Way Out 2, which is set to drop later this year.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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