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Remember those summer days when you and your friends would ride your BMX bikes until the street lights came on? Well, this nostalgic, throwback joint is for you. Portland trio TxE, comprising of Epp and TOPE on the mic and G_Force handling production, have delivered the visuals for their EP’s title track Tetherball. The direction by Artist Outlet Media is immaculately sculpted with smooth, flowing shots and summery, orange-tinged cinematography, and honestly, it makes me reminisce like a beaten-up biker with bad knees.

Note: Tetherball is a North American game which consists of a stationary pole with what looks like a volleyball hung or tethered to a rope. Two opposing players then proceed to whack the ball with their hands until the ball is wound all the way around the pole so that it is stopped by the rope. Much like totem tennis without the racket. (Sorry for boring you.)