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Modern Musicians conquering the city

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As a silhouette the Air Zoom Mariah is fast, dynamic, and adaptable—everything the contemporary musician needs since the current climate demands they be performers, producers, and entrepreneurs. Modern musicians Young Franco and Maribelle have an understanding of music’s history that plays in to their careers, but more importantly they embody the hustle that the Mariah champions.

Young Franco is a self-managed artist who is regularly writing and releasing music on Australian label ‘Of Leisure’. Although he is able to call the shots on all aspects of his career, it does require him to be always on. Juggling between being forward facing and behind the scenes can be difficult but Young Franco has been able to switch lanes from an extroverted performer to a professional businessman seamlessly.

Maribelle is a powerhouse who is quickly gaining recognition as one of Australia’s best songwriters. Between endless writing sessions for herself and others, she finds time to run her label ‘Crush Club‘. Maribelle aspires to redefine pop music in Australia through her own artistry and by developing new artists on her label.

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