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In an overnight interview, Yasiin Bey has spoken on this ‘rap battle’ video, saying that he would rather be “filing paperwork at the post office” than spending his time writing battle raps—and if anybody has ever waited to do anything at the post office, you know that’s some serious disinterest.

“I don’t take time to address all of my detractors because I’m too busy living life.” Though Bey did take the opportunity to acknowledge the current climate in rap and what he felt the real disrespect was. Take a listen to the full conversation below.

It’s been a long couple of weeks of music industry friction, spearheaded by the seemingly never-ending scrap between Drake and Meek Mill. Most people have declared Meek’s efforts DOA and Drake is probably kicking back with his woes, toasting to his ‘victory’ but not everyone is okay with letting this be how it ends.

In a video uploaded to the internet, rapper Yasiin Bey takes some subtle shots at the recent rap beef and challenged anybody who was game enough to enter into a rap battle with him, Black Thought or King Los.

“I’m tired of these dudes pretending like they’re dope—you alright, but relax… You ain’t as dope as you think… We don’t have to make no back-and-forth corny records about it.”

And Lupe Fiasco has already responded to the challenge, taking to the ‘Gram to express his interest and drop a freestyled line or two, taking aim at the Drake ghostwriter saga. It remains to be seen if anybody else will step to Yasiin and co but I’m hoping this sparks the creation of some great work by some of the greatest to ever do it. Check out Bey’s video, and Lupe’s responses in our gallery above.

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