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Well, where to start with this one? Noted southern rapper Yelawolf has gone on a very confusing facebook rant to seemingly defend the confederate flag. Given the current cultural climate in the United States, and the recent tragedies that have brought discussions about the history of the symbol to the forefront of public discourse, it certainly seems like a bizarre time to raise this issue.

Unfortunately, rather than opening a dialogue about what the flag represents and its historical implications, ‘wolf opted for a largely incoherent ramble aimed at “fucking yuppies from the west coast and world wide.” The whole episode seems to have been set off via the latest collection of clothing from Babylon LA, which feautures anti-racist imagery including a burning confederate flag motif. You can read the whole rant below and if you take one thing away from it, let it be the fact that social media managers are a neccesity for celebrities in the modern age. Also, if you want to cop the shirt you can find it here for about $45aud.