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You can cop another look at the writings of Tupac for just under 40k

The 20th anniversary of the legend's passing calls for some serious memorabilia

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The 13th of September stands as a very sombre date for any Tupac fan. Marking the date of his passing, last year’s 19th anniversary saw to some incredibly heartfelt dedications from the likes of Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. With this year’s anniversary standing as the two-decade marker, we’re bracing ourselves to reflect on everything he gave us in his all-too-short time.

In fact, we’ve seen the resurgence of several pieces of Tupac memorabilia as of late. Recently, we felt a bit of a pull on the heartstrings as we read the love letter a young Tupac dedicated to his high school crush. His whip also hit the market, and although we didn’t have any concrete plans to invest 100k in the Hummer, we still appreciated how intensely the ride was pimped out.

Now, we’re lucky enough to get a look at some more handwritten pac-gold. This time, the handwriting is of a much older Pac than what we saw in the love letter. Courtesy of the memorabilia company Moments in Time, we can now cop a look at Tupac’s handwritten lyrics to ‘Catchin’ Feelings’ which comes off the posthumous album Better Dayz. Not to mention it could be yours for just a humble $38 500.

Allegedly, an ex-employee of the studio that Tupac was recording in found the lyrics way back in 1996 and gave them to the owner of Moments in Time, Gary Zimet. We’re going to go ahead and assume that Pac would understand that we can’t really afford to dosh out the cash for the original copy of lyrics, but we’re always down to give the track another listen. Plus, there’s something pretty special about just seeing the thought process behind the bars, with the crossed out words and all. Take a peek at the artefact in the gallery above.

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