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Weekly updates

I’ve always liked the idea of owning a sweet bike, ever since I recieved a shoddily painted hand-me-down BMX for my 10th birthday I’ve had a fascination with the idea of cycling. Unfortunately, I’m a special combination of cheap and vain and I’ve yet to come across a ride that rests in that particular sweet spot between good looking and budget friendly – until now. The guys over at Reid Cycles have just released an updated model of their incredibly popular Harrier model, the bike is entirely customisable colour-wise and at $369aud it’s not going to leave you eating two-minute noodles post-purchase. Weighing in at just over 10kg the Harrier is a lightweight urban bike that’s perfect for city commuting, and the alloy rims, seatpost, and handlebars will ensure that it can handle anything that you throw at it. The Harrier also features QUANDO flip/flop hubs so you can ride it fixed or freewheel – whatever your heart (and legs) desire.¬†We took the liberty of laying out a look for you, so there’s no excuses to not hit the streets on your new wheels this summer.

You can customise and order your own Harrier right here.

Clockwise from top left

Reid classic bike helmet @ Reid Cycles
Dripper ceramic 2cup @ Urban Attitude
Tea maker pot @ Urban Attitude
Cable lock @ Reid Cycles
2014 Reid Harrier Singlespeed/Fixie @ Reid Cycles
La Sardina camera @ Urban Attitude
Skull money bank @ Urban Attitude
Federation Clifford t-shirt @ Loot and Law
Hand 2 Hand draught pocket t-shirt @ Hand 2 Hand store
Brooklyn We Go Hard t-shirt
Hand 2 Hand street level pocket t-shirt @ Hand 2 Hand store
Hand 2 Hand patch pocket t-shirt @ Hand 2 Hand store
Hand 2 Hand street level t-shirt @ Hand 2 Hand store
Converse Starplayer EV sneakers
Nike Max Terra180 Quickstrike @ Culture Kings
Nike Air Force 1
Durkl five panel @ Hand 2 Hand Store
Durkl five panel @ Hand 2 Hand Store
Drifter Backpack @ Hand 2 Hand Store

Photography by Tom at Brilliant Creek.