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Watch: Paris Fontana Creates Jewellery Inspired by Jägermeister & Her Fascination With the Night

Artist and jeweller Paris Fontana shows us how a fascination with night-time and the metaphysical informs her custom creations.

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Paris Fontana is a creative shapeshifter. The Melbourne-based contemporary jeweller has a fascination with the state of metamorphosis, a fascination she brings to life through her jewellery label Îmmørtalë.

Her creations are hand-crafted using both contemporary and classic techniques, and her interest in symbology, talismans, and memento mori is present in each of her one-of-a-kind designs.

She’s intrigued by the permanent and the impermanent—the idea that a family heirloom can be melted down and reworked into something entirely new, or that a precious stone can be saved and reused decades later.

For their fifth “Meisterpiece”, Jägermeister followed Paris’s creative process—from carving and welding, to connecting with clients and showcasing the final creation. We see how her love of the occult and fascination with the night influences the way she works and how it informed the bespoke jewellery collection she created for her Meisterpiece. 

Watch “Meisterpiece 05” unfold in the gallery above.

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