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Watch: Poppy Lissiman Creates Custom Sunglasses Inspired by Berlin’s Nightlife

Accessories designer Poppy Lissiman shows us how a fascination with colour and left-of-centre-design informs her instantly recognisable designs.

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Poppy Lissiman loves creating work that’s a little left-of-centre. The Sydney-based accessories designer has a fascination with colour and favours bold silhouettes and punchy patterns and through her eponymous accessories label she’s able to bring to life her irreverent designs.

For their sixth “Meisterpiece”, Jägermeister followed Poppy’s creative process—from sketching and sampling, to connecting with clients and showcasing the final creation. We see how her love of vibrant colour combinations and a fascination with outré style influences the way she works and how it inspired the bespoke sunglasses she created for her Meisterpiece.

Watch “Meisterpiece 06” unfold in the gallery above.

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