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Supreme know how to make people want it and work for it. They tease us with limited drops, building up the anticipation for months only for entire collections to be sold out in mere moments. Since its conception in 1994, the NYC-based brand has catered to those involved in the skate, hip-hop, and punk culture scenes, remaining consistently relevant by incorporating often obscure references into their collections.

In its time Supreme has never been one to shy away from making mates, always up for a dope collab with anyone cool. Collaborating with everyone from Comme des Garçons to Metro Trains, and from Playboy to Israeli firearm makers Uzi, there is nowhere Supreme isn’t willing to go. So with many to choose from, here are just some of the most influential collabs we’ve seen from Supreme.

01. Supreme x Levi's

Levi’s and Supreme have been lovers for a while, consistently marrying the wearability of classic Levi’s denim with iconic Supreme labelling and out-there attitude. This collection is a world away from the duo’s SS16 collab which saw Levi’s and Supreme creating super offbeat floral denim. With 2017 comes a collection of slightly more understated fashion. Revamping the classics, there are three trucker jackets in black, blue denim and white, respectively with fleece hoods in white, red and camo and each with the word Supreme running down the sleeve. In the same colour denim as the jackets are three custom fit 505 jeans with Supreme stamped from thigh to knee. Collaborations between Supreme and Levi are a reliable yearly occurrence that provides consistently high-quality, wearable items. This drop will be available online as well as in the New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris stores on May 11. Japan beasts will have to be patient and wait until May 13 for stores to be stocked.

02. Supreme x Louis Vuitton

The fashion industry has irrevocably altered over the past decade as the lines between streetwear and high-end fashion continue to blur. Luxury fashion houses have been forced to face the reality that being fancy as shit isn’t necessarily the way of new generations. This shift in fashion has seen brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Prada incorporating street style into their illustrious collections. It has also seen enemies become mates. Back in the year 2000, Supreme was pre-empting this movement with a series of decks, beanies, and tees emblazoned with that iconic Louis Vuitton monogram print, except with a Supreme spin. This saw Supreme served with a cease and desist order from LV. The French luxury house was so ticked off with this and not at all flattered that they reportedly demanded the products be burnt to destroy chances of circulation (lol chances). Fast forward 17 years and Marc Jacobs decided to shake things up at the traditionalist label. Explaining the collab with Supreme, Jacobs said, “It’s about taking something that’s very iconic and revered and defacing it and creating something new, somewhat rebellious, and kind of punk.” This was almost inarguably achieved by the collaboration, which combined the two labels seamlessly, creating a whole new brand in a way. Although this collab clearly showed how well street and luxury fashion can merge, it also saw a much-loved skate brand become less accessible to, well, skaters. The exorbitant prices which accompany the collection are accessible for only the very comfortable, the people who shop at LV as it is, and not those who love Supreme and skate-wear.

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03. Supreme x Andy Warhol & Muhammad Ali

On August 16, 1977 all-time great Andy Warhol captured a polaroid of the greatest, Muhammad Ali as a part of his ‘Athlete’ polaroid series. It was their first and final meeting, yet one Warhol remarked he would never forget. Ali was known for a whole lot more than being a champion boxer. A man that made as many moves outside the ring as within, Cassius Clay fought against racial prejudice, the Vietnam War and was a spokesperson for freedom of religion. He was rarely silent, his larger than life personality and winning charm placing him in the spotlight at every turn, yet Warhol in this image captured a brief moment of tranquility. In April 2016 Supreme joined forces with Muhammad Ali himself and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to create a hooded sweatshirt and tee with the iconic photograph front and centre. The release came only a little over a month prior to Muhummad Ali’s passing at age 74.

04. Supreme x Clarks Wallabees

“Yo I got a crazy idea how to do Clarks now/Check it out, boom, this is how you freak ’em, boom.”

These are the ever wise words of the Ironman of the rap game, the one and only Ghostface Killah. When a lot of us think of Clarks shoes, our minds fill with memories of chunky black school shoes that were purchased two sizes too big for you to “grow into” and quickly scuffed so they didn’t look new at school the next day. But when Ghostface Killah thinks of Clarks, he thinks of how they can be made Wu-tastic (sorry). Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) release back in ’93 saw 9 guys who loved Wallabies making them look incredible with streetwear. Leave it to Supreme to fulfil the dreams of hip-hop’s legends. The relationship between Supreme and Clarks has grown more beautiful as the years go on, collaborating on several versions of the iconic Wallabees. In 2012, the brands created Wallabee’s with debossed crocodile pattern. 2015 saw four colour ways of the Wallabee shoe dropped in purple, red, black and green, all with cream, made of suede. The 2016 Wallabee’s kept the classic silhouette but incorporated woven suede vamps and a crepe sole into the design.  They of course feature that tag embossed hangtag—complete with Clarks, Wallabees and Supreme on it, in case you forget what shoes you’re wearing.

In the words of Method Man, “Follow me, Wu-Tang gotta be/The best thing since Starks and Clark Wallabees.”

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05. Supreme x Toshio Maeda

Most prominent throughout the 80s and 90s, Toshio Maeda is an erotic manga artist most well known for the proliferation of tentacle rape pornography, even once stating he wished to have “Tentacle Master” on his gravestone. Given Supremes penchant for wacky shit it is no shock they opted for a pornographic manga range of clothes. The collection included two tees, one long sleeve tee, a pillow, zip sweatshirt and coaches jacket, all complete with the hentai kings original artwork. Maybe not quite suitable for work, this collection serves as another example of Supreme doing whatever floats their boat.

06. Supreme x Nike Foamposite

The unconventionally tall point guard Penny Hardaway made Nike’s equally unconventional ‘Foamposite’ his signature court shoe way back in ’97. Since it’s emergence the shoe has maintained its place as a favourite of sneakerheads with its distinctive shell made of EVA foam. In 2014, Supreme created a rad version of the classic basketball shoe in a loud gold baroque pattern, with either red or black background. This extravagant collaboration was even more popular than anticipated. A riot almost broke out between those camping out for the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One and police maced several customers who tried to rush the doors. The NYPD shut down the in-store launch, fearing more violence would ensue. One of the most well partnerships maintained by Supreme is their relationship with Nike. Nike and Supreme have collaborated numerous times, bringing some unreal sneakers to the game.