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AISON ANDÉR Delivers Debut Collection and Shares Some Musical Inspiration.

Celebrating their debut collection ‘Love is the Seed of Tears’, the Sydney clothing label shares some of the music that has inspired the brand.

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AISON ANDÉR is the debut project from Sydney-born Alexander Wu-Kim. The deeply personal fashion label was conceived as a way to tell meaningful stories that explore the designer’s heritage and the intersection between Korean and Australian culture.

The newcomer’s first collection, Love is the Seed of Tears, is inspired by the narrative of an immigrant’s journey, as told through the lens of the Kim family and pays homage to the family members who came before and made it all possible. The streetwear label aims to explore cultural nuances and what it means to be an Asian-Australian. Wu-Kim explains: “As you slowly become more familiar with the brand, you’ll see me constantly exploring this intersection between Korean and Australian culture. This is something of real personal importance as I better understand who I am and where I fit in. I’m not fully Korean, nor am I Australian either, and the foundation of my heritage has come solely from anecdotes and tales. So, for me, this becomes a vehicle to showcase my interpretation of Korean culture, as told from a distant land and a foreign shoreline.”

The brand is core is a commitment to producing considered and understated garments for everyday wear. Highlights from the debut collection include a directional football jersey, staple tees and hoodies, and a fleece vest and shorts. Each garment gives a subtle nod to the Korean way of doing things, both old and new. “Korean fashion, in particular, has long been known for its unapologetic experimentation – a feature that’s been translated into the types of fabric combinations used and each pieces’ silhouette in the debut collection,” says Wu-Kim.

To celebrate the release of AISON ANDÉR’s debut collection, we asked designer Alexander Wu-Kim to put together a playlist of some tracks he’s been feeling lately, or that have inspired his creative process in some way. “The playlist is a curation of some of the best Asian artists both home and abroad, alongside a series of classic tracks that have inspired the brand’s development”, said Wu-Kim.

Check out the playlist below, follow AISON ANDÉR here and head to www.aisonander.com to shop the collection.

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