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American Apparel has been granted a restraining order against founder, former CEO, and certified creep Dov Charney. The order, issued by Delaware court of Chancery, prevents Charney from making negative statements to the media about the company’s board or its employees. It seems like no matter what kind of interaction Dov has with the press, it leaves a terrible fucking impression.

The order is the result of legal action taken by the American Apparel in May which claimed that Charney had broken an agreement which prevented him from attempting to make board changes and from publicly attacking company executives. The current order is only a temporary measure and will expire in July.

The restraining order follows American Apparel’s decision last year to remove Charney as CEO, following scandals of sexual misconduct and harassment involving former employees. Following his termination, he was replaced by businesswoman Paula Schneider who is seeking to rid the brand of Charney’s sexualised advertising and seedy reputation. Check out our detailed recount of that saga here.

Since his firing as CEO in December last year, Charney has tried regain control of the company by launching a number of legal cases against American Apparel and the current board. In May, he accused the company and current AA chairperson Colleen Brown of defamation, suing them for $20 million.

Despite American Apparel now offering a popular range of products supporting a number of social causes, LGBT rights, and sweatshop free manufacturing, it seems like they’re still trying to sever their associations with their ever-creepy founder. Hopefully Schneider is successful in her pursuit of a more positive brand image.


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