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The inseparable ATL Twins Sidney and Thurman look like what I imagine Paul Wall’s nephews to look like what with their outlandish grills glaring at you and their ‘I don’t give a fuck what you think’ demeanour, never the less with the twins set to star in Harmony Korine’s new film Spring Breakers the larger than life ATL duo have caught the imagination of the internet and in turn NY’s aNYthing with the pair featuring in their new Fall 2012 lookbook.

Coinciding with the announcement aNYthing and the ATL Twins sat down with iD Online to give some tips on how to foster your own individual ‘steezy’ style…

The ATL Twins tips for staying steezy
1. It’s cool to see someone who’s got original style!
2. It’s cool to be influenced by people you look up to but find your own style, don’t straight up bite someone else’s steez!
3. Wear dope shit! There are so many corny ass brands out there! Maybe 1% is cool!
4. Be unique, go against the grain! Never cross dress! Meaning don’t wear a Supra Shirt when you’re wearing Nikes and so on and so forth!
5. Confidence! Be confident with what you rock and it will show!