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Creative Director Demna Gvasalia is back at it again to bring to you another classic remake for Balenciaga, with a blue tote bag that has bears striking resemblance to the classic Frakta bag you’d find at IKEA.

As he has done in the past, Gvasalia is no stranger to thinking outside the square (or rather, figuratively, inside) to revamping regular, everyday household products to give them that touch of luxe for the house of Balenciaga, which was once known for its refined presence. He seems to be rebranding Balenciaga with influences from his own line, Vetements, in more daringly intriguing and controversial ways.

The only difference between the two visually similar bags (to the untrained eyes of fashion) is that Balenciaga’s bag is made of glazed-leather, with a zip and a gold-stamped logo at the topline – features obviously lacking from the original IKEA bag. Surprisingly, the Scandinavian company isn’t concerned at all for this bag to blow up into a scandal of intellectual property, rather, they’re very flattered “to be an inspiration for the latest catwalk design(s) for Balenciaga.”

While the IKEA bag costs less than a dollar, the French fashion house is selling this wonderful tote remake for a little more than $2,000, and some people are already questioning the appeal of why Gvasalia’s ordinary household items are such coveted luxurious items. (Perhaps the concept itself is an irony of consumerism and luxury greed, but that’s another story.)

If you have (a lot of) spare cash lying around or you’re diehard IKEA fan who wants to be a little different, you can visit Balenciaga’s online store to grab yourself the nice extra-large shopping bag.

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