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Been Trill x Budweiser x PacSun collab for lovers of style and bevs

The King of Beers give their logo the Trill treatment

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Usually, beer and t-shirts don’t mix well. No one wants to be that guy spilling their drink everywhere, that brownish stain on the white tee. Yet for the Been Trill x Budweiser x Pacsun collab, there definitely is an exception to be made for combining alcohol and clothing.

Been Trill is known for juxtaposing their unique designs with classic trends, and this line sees a blend of American taste for style and beer, with the shirts mimicking Budweiser’s Summer 2016 label. We’re talking some all over prints, chambray wovens, embroidered graphics and the all-new “America” logo which is made to impress.

Take a gander at the collection in the gallery above which features Steve Leeshot by Atiba Jefferson and get some inspiration for some real A1 fashion killers. PacSun also now ships to Australia, so there is no need to feel the pain of bonding with that perfect item of clothing before realising that non-existent shipping will come between you  two. Head over to their site and get a taste for the collab.

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