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The Local Xmas Shopping Guide

Here are a few highlights from some of our favourite local retailers ahead of Xmas.

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Weekly updates

After a chaotic year of lockdowns here in Australia, we’re finally seeing the light as we head towards the holiday season. With local businessess taking a massive hit this year, we wanted to show some support to a few of our favourite local retailers by putting together a list of Xmas Gift ideas for anyone out there who may be stuck for ideas and resisting the urge to buy their loved ones the classic last-minute gift card. Here are some picks from the Acclaim Christmas Guide—support your local!

01. StreetX

Hack the planet in these fly motherboard shorts from Pleasures. Let’s be honest, hackers don’t really go to the beach but if you need something cool and comfortable to wear while you rack up 100 hours on Cyberpunk these Holidays, StreetX has you covered.

One of the last things we thought we’d see in 2020 was the return of Iron Mike Tyson to the ring, but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected this year and StreetX have this slick 90s bootleg Mike Tyson hoodie from Chinatown Market. It’s a knockout gift for any fan of the ‘baddest man on the planet.’

Forget your dollar store Nag Champa or that nasty incense from the crystal shop (you know the kind). Once you’ve tried the incense from Japanese masters Kuumba, you won’t be able to go back. With StreetX’s official collaboration ‘Good Good’, Kuumba brings designer quality to the incense game. Accept no substitute.

While you’re there, why not show some love to one of Perth’s best and most beloved streetwear stores with the official StreetX box logo tee.

Or, if you’re really dedicated to the cause, StreetX make these dope smashed X logo chains for that little bit of sparkle for your summer fit.

**Please note prices are in USD

02. Mat’s Hot Shop

Everything tastes better with hot sauce, and the Melbourne-based chilli fiends at Mats Hot Shop stock it all, they have stacks of locally made hot sauces, from low key and mild all the way up to the face-meltingly hot stuff. There’s a bunch of sauces featured on Hot One’s, and even have a couple of their own sauces. We’ve picked a few favourites below so you can stock up for the Summer.

**Please note prices are in USD

03. Wndrr

It’s board snappin’ season and with the sun shining us, it’s only right that we make some time to get out of the damn house. Grab yourself or a loved one an affordable and lightweight skate deck from Wndrr and go for a cruise, or pick up one of their compact Accent Pocket Bags and stay strapped with all your essentials for a summer shindig.

**Please note prices are in USD

04. Hangin With The Homies

If you’re planning a summer road trip, Melbourne’s Hanging With The Homies will keep your ride looking and smelling fresh with their range of officially licensed air fresheners featuring hip hop royalty such as Eazy-E, Jazzy Jeff and Dipset. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for any rap head friends, family or even your musty-car-having self.

**Please note prices are in USD