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Charles LeBrun Release Short Film Featuring New Genderless Collection

Influenced by the culture around basketball, the Melbourne clothing label release a new short film and accompanying collection titled ‘Make It Real’.

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Make It Real by Charles LeBrun’s Georgia Haynes and Dayne Edward is an ode to childhood aspirations and revisiting memories. The title of the film refers to a work ethic, discipline and sentiment that is best embodied by the era of the NBA Draft Class of ‘96 – Iverson, Allen, Kobe, as well as the world around them in cultural figures such as Aaliyah and Jay-Z – where there were no fakes and no half-steps.

Absolute authenticity and commitment to craft were paramount to this era of Basketball, both on and off the court – a sentiment that extends to the label’s namesake, Haynes’ ancestor who was a French artist of whom’s work presently sits in the Louvre amongst other collections.

With a new film featuring the brand’s newest collection, scored by Nikodimos and cast with a collection of close collaborators that embody this attitude, Make It Real is a love letter to what happens in the space between intention and action, when only you can make it happen for yourself.

Inspired by a childhood spent in a regional Victorian town, The Charles LeBrun label is the product of an unwavering passion for an era of basketball that was unfolding in real-time thousands of miles away. The pieces styled in the film by DOCG are true to the intention of Charles, bridging the gap across oceans and injuries, providing a window into this distant era of basketball, whilst reimagining the traditionally masculine-centric styles in a genderless and trans-seasonal collection.

You can shop the new Charles LeBrun collection online here and check out the short film ‘Make It Real’ above.

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