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Sure, tomorrow is the ‘last day of summer’ but with our increasingly unpredictable climates (global warming, what’s good?) we wouldn’t suggest switching up your wardrobe just yet. This gives us just that little bit longer to enjoy the crossover with northern hemisphere-based labels dropping Spring/Summer goods, which includes this incredible pair of of Prada sandals.

This sandal design should feel familiar to anyone who spent their childhood in warm climates, with their simple rubber soles and strapping across the foot and around the ankle. They’re the kind of sandal you could keep on when playing in the sandpit, without worrying about getting grains of sand in your socks (although Mr. Porter suggests wearing them with socks so I guess you’re not playing in the sandpit anymore). The modern-day, grown-up version is a little more gladiator than playground, but the vibes are definitely still there. The nostalgia-factor alone has us considering dropping the $500+ required to invest in these. Take a closer look at the style in the gallery above and head to select online retailers for more info.

Weekly updates