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Dive in to the history of Chucks in film

Converse and Millie Bobby Brown explore iconic Chucks on iconic characters

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Leo in The Basketball Diaries. Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. Almost every actor in The Outsiders. Paul Walker in The Fast and the Furious. All iconic actors, in iconic roles, in iconic Chuck Taylors. But these names are just the tip of the cinematic iceberg. Listing every iconic character wearing Chucks on film would be a list so long it would need it’s own website (by the way, there is one).

For decades the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been used as a symbol to visually define characters on film. Now it’s the subject of a video project by Converse featuring Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown delving in to the pop culture phenomenon. Titled ‘Why Iconic Characters Wear Chucks’ the video is the first in the ‘Forever Chucks’ series by Converse. The series explores the core cultural scenes that made the Chuck Taylor iconic, with the rest of the series release over the next month.

This video is presented in partnership with Converse. Hit them up here if your chucks are looking a little less than iconic.

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