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DOCG Studios Step into Womenswear with docGIRL

The brother-sister duo behind DOCG Studios return with their new 'GIRLS ARE LOVLIER' collection.

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Melbourne-based DOCG Studios announce today their debut female-focused line: docGIRL, dropping their first collection ‘GIRLS ARE LOVELIER’.

The brother-sister duo combines DOCG’s nostalgia-filled graphic design with sister Hansika’s cut and sew sensibilities, tinged with subtle Tokyo-Inspired aesthetics, their feature garment, the ‘GIRLS ARE LOVELIER: Skirt’ ($250), is handmade in Melbourne by Hansika. Reinterpreting the classic pleated skirt, it highlights youth and elegance, showcasing a balance between tradition and experimentalism.

“docGIRL allows people to be a part of a safe space, being embraced for exactly who they are. The people we are involved and interact with have become part of our long term relationships… Our family – Reflecting this family dynamic between my brother and I”, Hansika said of the collection.

Alongside the skirts, this collection features docGIRL heavy graphics and embroidery products: Hoodies, Cardigans, T-Shirts, Lace Singlets, and Berets. Each item features a unique branding detail, bright
colourways and pop-cultural references.

“GIRLS ARE LOVELIER is a collection based on the idea of women finding beauty in themselves. Not feeling the pressure to measure themselves to the beauty standards of the world, rather encouraging women to find peace and love in themselves. Girls are lovelier is a statement we respect and encourage women to speak – It’s an anthem!” – Hansika

GIRLS ARE LOVELIER for me, is a statement addressing the issue of violence against women in today’s society. This isn’t just a girls issue, it’s a humanity issue. The collection aims to encourage men to realise the potential of women in society, challenging them to be more involved in enabling women to be comfortable in their own space and skin.” – DOCG

Check out the SS21 docGIRL capsule collection above and shop online from November 11th. Head to their website for more.

Creative Direction: DOCG STUDIOS (@docg + @__hansikka__)
Photography: Moesha Pina (@tallulahh)
Set Design: Amina Soubjaki (@technic.olour)
Gaffer: James Thompson (@james_thompson_lx)
Video: Georgia Haynes + Sam Morton (@georgiarhaynes) (@slammorton)
Assistant: Isaiah Morris (@isaiah_morris_) + Adam (@melbournesympathy)

Sol (@m.a.m.a.s.o.l)
Luca Pearl (@lucapearl)
Pania (@paniaxo)
Chantelle (@play_cd)
Yvonne (@v0ndiesel)
Philip (@philipjvo.ai)
Nathan (@littledinkuslamebrain)
Ahmed (@_4hm33d)
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