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Weekly updates

We’ve been caught in the grips of tennis fever out here and with the Australian Open having just wrapped up, it’s timely that heritage sports brand Lacoste have hit us with this next-level release of the LT12 Racquet. Keeping in line with the brand’s emphasis on balancing tradition and innovation, the LT12 is the product of three years of research, exclusive French craftsmanship and five hours labour per racquet. Each racquet is comprised of graphite and three types of specially-selected wood, making it ideally suited for performance, comfort and style. They’re individually hand-crafted and limited to 650 units worldwide, so this is strictly for those that are serious about sport, style and the heritage of tennis.

In the words of brand founder René Lacoste, “without style, playing and winning are not the same,” and Lacoste are also releasing an accompanying apparel collection, mirroring the vintage style but modern feel of the LT12. Take a closer look at the full release above and peep it here.