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We’re pretty happy to see Spring/Summer in full swing and the good folk at Oakley have released a brand new eyewear collection that is practical AND keeps your peepers protected when the sun’s out. The LATCH range is a creative collaboration between Oakley’s design team and authorities from the skateboarding scene, culminating in a new product that is perfect for fans of both. The new design features a unique latch feature, which literally latches the glasses to your shirt – instead of loosely hooking it on your collar – making it perfect for skating, festival season, or anyone who’s prone to dropping their glasses on the regular (which, let’s face it, is most of us).

As always, you’ll find the trusted Oakley eyewear features of comfort and durability, 100% UV protection, optional glare reduction, and a myriad of colour combos. Co-signed by the likes of Oakley athletes Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Curren Caples, and photographer Atiba Jefferson, the Oakley LATCH collection is definitely worth investing in.

Take a closer look at the range, and how it works, in the gallery above.

Oakley’s LATCH collection is available here.

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