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eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee for Sneakers is Coming to Australia

The crew at eBay are teaming up with Sneaker Con to make sure you get the real deal.

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With the sneaker flipping game at an all-time high (and projected to be a $30 billion industry by 2030) there are inevitably going to be a few grails out there that turn out to be.. well, fakes. Luckily the team at eBay Australia is introducing a new feature to make sure you get what you pay for. The platform’s Authenticity Guarantee service, which was rolled out in the US late last year, is on its way to Australia. In a move set to strengthen buyer security, eBay is teaming with third-party authenticator Sneaker Con who will help make sure you aren’t out there flexing the fufu.

“Since we started in 2009 Sneaker Con’s objective is to represent and empower the sneaker community. We are enthusiastic about our partnership with a company like eBay, which is committed to supporting and enhancing our community through its Authenticity Guarantee program” said Sneaker Con CEO Alan Vinogradov.

The Australian launch of the Authenticity Guarantee program will roll out in two parts. First, Australians will be able to access US listings of authenticated sneakers. Secondly, eBay and Sneaker Con will set up an authentication facility right here in Australia. The best part is the authentication process will have no additional fees for sellers and buyers at launch. For now, eBay is extending the invitation to any sneaker sellers to email [email protected] and set up their eBay store ahead of the new feature landing in Australia.

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