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Ex-CEO of American Apparel set to launch a new retail business and it sounds pretty familiar

Dov Charney seems to have taken "stick to what you know" a little too seriously

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If you were celebrating the end of Dov Charney’s reign as CEO of American Apparel, then you may have to ditch the streamers as the questionable figurehead is set to make a fast return to the market. We might have been mourning the loss of a go-to online shopping site, but there were few who were rooting for the actual man behind it all.

Nevertheless, he is back with a new wardrobe for both genders, which will be entirely American-made, backed by Hagan Capital Group’s president Chad Hagan—yet the project itself is currently unnamed. Can we expect a label that alliterates as well? Time will tell, but Charney appears to be holding tight to what he knows, despite dragging his last company through the dirt with sexual misconduct and harassment scandals, and that tiny bit of bankruptcy.

In his statement last week he asked his supporters to “stay tuned” as he intended to continue with his “ideas, values, drive, authenticity, integrity and [his] passion.” If you’re unsure what kind of integrity he’s talking about, then you’re not alone as we too await the drop of this “new” store, that hopefully will go on your “boycott” list rather than making it into your online-shopping bookmarks.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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