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Gosha Rubchinskiy: “I never want to be Supreme. I never want to be Palace”

The designer who took post-Soviet influences and made them wholly his own

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Old mate Gosha Rubchinskiy is doing some pretty big tings. Aside from the whole ‘taking the fashion world by storm’ thing and revolutionising men’s streetwear with his runway shows, in his downtime he chills out with the dude from Vetements. Yep, the 31-year-old Russian designer, who sat down with Financial Times recently to talk about all things Gosha, is definitely not doing too badly for himself.

With his brand out in 92 stores, even though there are more begging to get their hands on his threads, his focus remains on making clothes that don’t get caught up is luxury-chasing. As he insists on t-shirts and trackpants that are affordable, ($86 and $180 respectively), his line reflects a demographic that was previously untapped.

We pulled out some of the best quotes from the interview below, and you can check out the full deal here. Also, be sure to take a gander at the English translation of his lookbook so as to get a grip on what the desinger is really about.

01. When Gosha uses his ideal holiday location to pick his runway location

“I didn’t want to show again in Paris. I wanted to move to a different city, do something different. I had never been to Italy. I wanted to go to Florence for the Uffizi gallery. I wanted to see Leonardo and my favourite Botticelli.”

02. At least Gosha backed Gosha before anyone else did

“It was 2008, during my first show, and a journalist asked me, ‘What is the fashion of the future?’ I said, ‘I am the future. In 10 years, everyone will be talking about Gosha’.”

03. He also knows where he stands against other brands

“I never want to be Supreme, I never want to be Palace, I want to be Gosha. People say Gosha is the next Raf, Gosha is the next Supreme. No. Gosha is Gosha.”

04. But don't worry, he still puts respek on their names

“What we do now suits the moment,” he says. “Brands like Supreme, Palace and Gosha are above the system.”

05. And he's good mates with Vetements founder Demna Gvasalia

“So many designers have a weird energy between them in fashion. We just wanted to show we’re all cool together, and each of us is doing what we want because we believe in it.”

06. He also recognises that they're the one shaping the game

“What we do now suits the moment. Brands like Supreme, Palace and Gosha are above the system.”

07. Then again, he'll leave the game in a minute the second he becomes obsolete

“If I choose fashion as a medium, I need to sell clothes. If it’s successful, it means you’re doing the right thing. When we stop selling clothes, I’ll go and do something else.”