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Weekly updates

Continuing on with our Hem & Sew series where we ask designers the processes and inspiration behind their latest ranges, we speak with Mishka NYC’s lead apparel designer, Erik Ratensperger on the brand’s Spring 2012 range.

My name is:
Erik Ratensperger. I’m Lead Apparel Designer at Mishka NYC.

I live in:
Bed Stuy

Our new collection is called:
Doesn’t have an official title, but I’d call it one of my favorite collections we’ve done so far.

Some of the things that inspired it are;
There isn’t a singular theme for SP12, but a lot of the pieces we did this season are sort a collegiate inspired, but there’s always a twist… Our Lamour Bomber is one of my favs.  Clean on the outside, but when you open it, you see that it’s entirely lined with artwork by Lamour Supreme. Best of both worlds, really.

The person I can imagine wearing the collection is:
All types wear our clothing – From the high school kid rocking a Keep Watch Varsity and fitted on the subway, to the 30-something professional walking down Madison with his lady wearing our SP12 Class Cutter jacket and one of our plaid button downs. … I’ve even seen an old lady walking down Bedford wearing our DART wool zip hoodie.  Something for everyone I guess, even your grandma!

While designing the collection we to listened to a lot of:
Queens of the Stone Age, Action Bronson, Suckers, Deer Hunter, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Woody Gutherie, Gang of Four, Black Keys, Tame Impala. There’s this band called Roomrunner from Baltimore that is pretty rad.

If I wasn’t a designer I’d:
Work at a hedge fund.

I like the opposite sex to wear:
As little as possible.  Cut off jean shorts, a beat up tee and hair tied back is simple, but sexy.

An item of clothing I can never throw out is:
My jeans.  I’ll wear them til they fall off my body.

A trend I’d like to die is:
This capri pant thing goin’ on.  Not a good look for guys, IMO.

When I’m not working on the brand, I like to spend time:
I’m training for a half marathon.  But I love drinking beer.

The next project I’m working on is…
Some really great  collaborations coming up, and summer 13!!

Lookbook credits:
Photography: Tara Chacon
Production: Michael Cohn