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Weekly updates

It’s winter and freezing and you’ve probably saved a butt load of cash by not going out (as much) on the weekends. So if you’re in need of some retail therapy to pull you out of your grey weather mood, we’ve got good (or bad?) news. Our mates at Collingwood’s Spares Store are back at it again with the bargains, kicking off their winter sale tomorrow. The sale runs from Friday to Monday and with up to 50% off selected styles both in-store and online, how can you resist the temptation?

If you can’t make it down this weekend or it’s just too cold to leave your bed, don’t forget the online store has free shipping on Australian orders over $100. So technically you’re saving money, right? Below is a list of some of the bargains we’ve set our sights on and know you’ll probably love. Thank us later.



Spares store Winter sale
Friday June 17 – Monday June 20
368 Smith Street

  • Words: Monique Buccheri