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Hype DC and ACCLAIM present: Limit’d June Edition

Featuring UV Boi, Stephen Baker, and a special edition digital cover

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While making the June issue of Limit’d by Hype DC we’ve been unofficially referring to it as ‘The Romantics Issue.’ A combination of factors lead to this internal nickname: the soft pink background of the cover shoot, our cover star UV Boi who’s debut EP is titled L-UV, and our second feature on Stephen Baker who’s geoemtric artwork strips the subject of face but not emotion. It’s a happy conceptual coincidence but one we’ll happily take credit for.

Limit’d has all of this and tons more, including a special edition digital cover by Stephen Baker. It’s also bursting with the freshest sneaker releases and Hypekit—Hype DC’s curated collection of apparel. Download the digital magazine to experience a new dimension of interactivity and add depth to your reading experience. Seamlessly flip between colourways and styles, go behind the scenes on our features, and shop directly from the application. Download it now!

Weekly updates