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In The Bag: All Summer Sixteen

Add some heat to your new season wardrobe

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Can you feel that? It’s actually summer… in most parts of the country. The warm days are finally here and just in time, as we get ready to wind down for the year and actually get time to bask in that sweet, sweet sunshine. As we’re getting ready to bid farewell to the rollercoaster that was 2016, it’s hard not to get sucked into the whole ‘new year, new me’ vibe of the incoming 2017. And while your life resolutions might still be a work-in-progress, updating your look is a much more achievable task. Thanks to some of our generous friends, including Nautica, Oscar Wylee, AS Colour and Abrand, we’ve collated a few of the key pieces to elevate your look, whether you’re poolside, beachside, or curbside this season.

01. Stussy Beach Towel

02. AS Colour Swim Shorts

03. Oscar Wylee Kato Sunglasses

04. Nautica Twill J Class Anchor Cap

05. Spacebound Spacebound socks - white

06. Spacebound Saturn cap

07. Nautica Anchor Bomber Jacket - Navy

08. Nautica Classic Stripe Tee - Navy

09. Abrand Beige Shorts

010. Bailey Nelson Ridley - Havana