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Yeezy and Jacob the Jeweller goes for gold with new jewellery line

Kanye wants to spread timeless love with expensive gold pendants and rings

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Kanye West is a man that goes hard or goes home in all aspects of his career, and in today’s news with the rapper-turned-designer, he could do no wrong as he unveiled his new and impressive jewellery line, in collaboration with Jacob Arabo (otherwise known to others as Jacob the Jeweller).

Simply entitled Yeezy and drawing inspiration from dreamy 14th century Florentine art, as well as religious Donatello inspired imagery, the 12-piece collection for Yeezy S4 is crafted out of 18K gold. Starting out at a bare minimum of $1, 530 from anything as a small as a gold ring imprinted with the phrase ‘A God Dream’ to a pendant necklace and everything in between, it’s arguably an overpriced, but must-have for all devoted West fans.

“I wanted to create something that represent timeless love,” West explained of his collection, hoping that his line will be able to evoke a certain classical romance, describing it as a letter to his wife, the ever exuberant Kim Kardashian, from a past life that “can live past our lives”.

Of course as his wife and muse (and mother of his two children),  Kardashian was already the first to test drive the pieces to build up interest and hype, months prior to the announcement of the collaboration, having worn it to the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2016, and then again during the Yeezy S5 showcase.

Arabo is no stranger to the hip-hop and rap world, being one of the industry’s most notable names as a go-to for custom jewellery for decades –admirably, he’s been mentioned in more than 60 rap songs alone. While it isn’t the first time Arabov has worked with West, this collection from Yeezy S4 does mark one of, hopefully, many official collections from the dynamic duo.

Should you be interested in investing in some of these romantic Yeezy-designed pieces, you can check them out on Yeezy’s supply store and  Jacob & Co.

  • Words: Chau Nguyen

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