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Mark McNairy’s modern take on the Saddle Shoe has become a cult hit, and now the American fashion designer has come up with a new interpretation of one of his best sellers. Injecting a touch of 70’s disco with his modern, minimalistic aethestic, this two-tone Saddle Shoe features a deep hue of navy nubuck with a lustrous gold leather overlay. The bottom features a Ridgeway rubber sole with tonal stitching, ensuring the longevity of the shoe.

Mark McNairy has always excelled at fusing understated and neutral colour tones with a subtle touch of flashiness, resulting in footwear that looks modern and appealing without the thrash factor. Available on SSENSE’s online shop for USD$460, this pair will go well with either denim jeans or cropped trousers, and are suitable for the modern gentleman looking to unleash a bit of his inner disco.