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Whilst most apparel companies strive to give their clothing an air of sophistication and prestige, Levi Strauss are proudly announcing that their newest collection is “made of garbage”.

Tackling the crucial issue of sustainable design, Levi’s Waste<Less denim line will be made from a minimum of 20% post consumer recycled waste. Part of the Spring 2013 range, the collection will use more than 3.5 million recycled bottles. As you can see in the campaign video above, the recycled rubbish is crushed and made into polyester fibre, which is then blended with cotton and woven with traditional cotton yarn to create the denim. Eight bottles equal one pair of jeans and another step towards a greener fashion industry.

This isn’t the first move Levi’s have made towards a more eco-friendly future either. In 2007, Levi’s were among first in the apparel industry to conduct a life-cycle assessment of some of their major products, which led to them joining the Better Cotton Initiative. In 2009, the company introduced Care Tag For Our Planet, an initiative that sought to educate consumers on the environmental impact of their clothing choices. Their Water<Less campaign in 2010 saw them reduce the amount of water used to produce their products by 96%, and their 2012 Climate Change Strategy saw them pushing themselves to adopt tough new sustainability standards.

Pioneering fresh frontiers with their strong commitment to the environment, the Waste<Less denim collection is available now from Levi’s retailers all over the world.