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Weekly updates

Louis Vuitton has featured boxing legend Muhammed Ali in their on-going ‘Core Values’ campaign. Shot by famed photographer Annie Leibowitz, the ad features the 70-year-old in his Phoenix backyard gazing at his 3-year-old grandson Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr. as a $1,525 Louis Vuitton “Keepall 50” bag lies at his feet. Apparently Ali personally requested that his grandson be featured in the ad with him, which is a nice touch.

The Core Values campaign has featured politicians, athletes, and musicians in the past including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Buzz Aldrin, Sally Ride and some super cringe-worthy ads featuring Bono and his wife and Angelina Jolie on a wooden boat in Cambodia.

What do you guys think of the campaign? The Ali ad is nice but something really irks me about associating ‘Core Values’ and love and family with luxury and expense. That image of Angelina Jolie sailing down a Cambodian river with a ridiculously expensive bag draped over her shoulder is just completely in bad taste in my opinion, given the socio-economic status of the third world country. I’m surprised she did it.  I’ve read that the luxury brand pledges to donate to former Vice-President Al Gore’s Climate Project through the Core Values campaign but I’m cynical about how much that amount would be compared to how much they spend on advertising the campaign itself.

The Ali ad is set to run in magazines and the newspapers for the first time on June 14.