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Obvious jock Brad Hall reviews the YEEZY 350 Cleat

The unconventional sneakerhead at his finest

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For an informative review of adidas’ latest Yeezy 350 Cleat, you can’t go wrong with Brad Hall. The unconventional sneakerhead has recently catapulted into Youtube fame with his deadpan reviews of the latest sneakers.

Designed in conjunction with Kanye West, adidas promises the Yeezy 350 Cleat “provides the optimum blend of lightweight, strength and traction”. But before forking out the cash for one of adidas’ latest models, you can watch Brad Hall testing them out in his very own lounge room. Hall kindly allows viewers to discern whether the new kicks will hold up during intense training by weaving his way through witches cones neatly arranged on his rug. After failing to catch a football thrown his way, Hall concludes “Dear NFL team, I’m ready to try out… in a few years”.

Maybe Hall’s career as a football player doesn’t look too promising, but the shoes could be well utilised by those more inclined towards sports. As Hall notes, the Yeezy 350 Cleats boast a Primeknit upper protected by Sprintskin “that’s going to come in handy in football”, and features what he calls a “tackle tab”.

Oh Brad Hall – how did we ever make good consumer choices without him?

  • Words: Maki Morita

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