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In the editorial above Only NY take a break from their namesake city and head north of the border to Canada. They teamed up with Toronto-based photographer Devon Little who took the brand further north to a lakeside cabin. With his friends in tow, who just happen to be members of the increasingly influential Toronto music scene like River Tiber and BADBADNOTGOOD, the crew enjoy a sun-soaked escape on the lakefront swimming, kayaking, and playing cards. The series perfectly captures the ideal getaway just as the sun sets on the northern hemisphere summer. We sent Devon some questions about his photos which he answered below in the short and sweet manner of someone too busy relaxing by a lake to be bothered—a vibe we’re all too familiar with ourselves.

What inspired the aesthetic of the lookbook?

The cottage lifestyle!

Did the aesthetic of the clothes help the shoot?

Only’s clothes are very relaxed and casual—so we had no problem settling into the vibe.

Where did you take the photos and who are the models?

We took these photos at my cottage about two hours north of Toronto with my friends Alex, Tommy, Jade, and Julien. Oh and a couple doggo friends Elliott and Nigel.

Is the lakeside area in the photos somewhere that you’ve been a lot before?

Yup, it’s been a regular place in my family for a while.

Is there a narrative in there?

Just a regular summer weekend at the cotty eh.

When did you start taking photos?

At about 12 years old.

What kinds of things did you first start taking photos of and why?

Mostly my friends and family. I grew up north of Toronto—there’s not much else to do up there.

Your work is mostly analogue, what is it about working with film that you prefer?

People have been shooting film for more than a hundred years. It’s always been the wave!

Only NY’s summer collection is available in store and online now.

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