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Picasso Babe wants your infant to rock adidas NMDs

Sneakerheads just keep getting younger and younger

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Crochet masters and avid sneakerheads Picasso Babe have unleashed their latest round of baby booties and they’re taking cues from the latest sell-out silhouette from adidas. Three NMD styles—white, black, and red—are now available to purchase for the special kid in your life, so you can make sure they’re keeping up with the flavour of the month. Even if you’re not ‘big on kids’, one thing you can’t deny is how steezy this generation of babies can be, with all their streetwear-loving parents wanting to fit their children out to match their own image. Excessive? Perhaps. Super cute. Definitely.

Check out the styles above and head to Picasso Babe online for purchase info.

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