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Last time we heard about 3D printed sneakers, they weren’t the best or comfiest looking things in the world. And what do you expect? We’re talking about hard plastic being generated by an emotionless machine. There’s no way something that is autonomously created like that could set a standard for comfort, design or fashionability. Or so we thought.

Word is that New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony, along with unnamed others, have invested $11m on a venture in 3D printed high top sneakers. They utilise ADAPTIV technology that use pressurised sensors and gyroscopes. We’re not clear how exactly, but it’s supposed to help the shoe form to your foot. The whole project is being headed by SOLS who are known for using 3D print tech to create customisable shoe insoles for athletes. I guess this was the next logical step.

As to what the usefulness in the shoe glowing is, my best bet is so everyone in the club is forced to recognise you shelled out money for future boots. They remind us a little of another recent footwear project, actually. Either way, the idea of 3D printed shoes gaining viability is an interesting development – especially as the technology grows more inexpensive over time. Could you be one day rocking some custom-print Air Jordan schematics for the cost of a hot meal? (Probably not.)

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