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PUMA and COOGI come together for the biggest collab

These kicks take unique to a whole new level

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Deep breaths people. So we came to you in November with a teaser of the collab of our dreams and now the day has just about come. Yep, you can finally ‘stay Coogi down to the socks’ and shoes.

Taking on the classic Clyde silhouette, Puma and Coogi have come together for kicks that redefine iconic. The fabric used for each pair comes directly from OG Coogi sweaters, meaning that no two pairs are the same.

This colourful palette is balanced out with a white midsole, but it still has a luxe pop with 18k gold plating on the lace tips and eyelets. The sole also features a pretty sexy dual logo, and the shoes come in two variables. There’s the option of going all out with Coogi colours on the body, with black accents. Or, you can go the reverse with a black body and a colourful Puma Formstripe.

March 9 marks the anniversary of Biggie Smalls’ death, the brand’s best endorser back in the day, making the drop very timely indeed. You can expect a full collection of co-branded apparel as well, so even if you miss out of a pair, there’s still plenty to look forward to.

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