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There’s Not Much Paris Goebel Can’t Do as She Debuts Her Unisex Label Runaway Motel

The internationally acclaimed dancer puts her spin on luxury activewear.

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Parris Goebel, the powerhouse choreographer behind some of the world’s biggest stars, debuts ‘Room 407’, the first collection from her unisex label, Runaway Motel. Blending luxury activewear with statement looks, the 47 limited edition pieces merge both Goebel’s love of dance and interest in fashion, honing the brand motto; ‘Move, Work, Play, Runaway’, through a vibrant colour palette and retro feel. Being an internationally acclaimed dancer, singer, director and actress, Goebel’s busy schedule means she understands the importance of work/play balance and most importantly moving with comfortability.

Her trademarked fabric, MADE 2 MOVE, a lightweight material with a ‘barely-there’ feeling, used in her leggings, bras and bike shorts, provides durability and is quick-drying while also being flattering on the body, with inclusivity and body positivity a key message in Goebel’s work. In similar fashion to Goebel’s continuous evolution in the creative world, so too does her brand seek to continue changing, her second collection ‘Room 408’ already in the design stage for 2021.

Head to the website to get your hands on Runaway Motel’s debut collection.

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