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Stills: ‘Disconnected’ by Justin Lim

Making the most of Docklands

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Anyone who’s visited Melbourne, and particularly anyone who lives in Melbourne, will probably tell you that the vibe in Docklands is a little, well, weird. A hub for corporate offices and suits during the week and home to some of our city’s tourist ‘attractions’ (we’re looking at you, Melbourne Wheel), it’s not exactly the first place that springs to mind when you think ‘creativity’.

This feeling is not lost on Melbourne photographer Justin Lim, although he’s not as quick to dismiss it. Teaming up with local model Kwabee, Justin turned his discerning gaze to the work-in-progress as the backdrop for his latest entry into our Stills series. “[We] decided to explore Docklands through this photo shoot which I believe is quite disconnected from the CBD. Most people disregard the area for being lifeless and it did not live to its full potential.”

The result is still a little disjointed and grey but there is a definite element of intrigue in the contrast of it all. It’s all in the way you look at it.

  • Photography/styling: Justin Lim
  • Model: Kwabee
  • Clothing: Visvim, Undercover, Bianca Chandon

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